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Brinko Tree Service
Whether you are looking to have a tree removed, lot cleared, or just a little shaping, Brinko Tree Service is your answer. Here are a few of the services that we offer.
Tree Removal
When trees become a hazard that threaten the safety of your family or your property a tree removal might be your best option. From time to time trees need to be removed. Some die or decline beyond recovery. Others outgrow their intended landscape purpose. Often, the planting site can no longer contain them, or roots begin to damage walkways, walls or hardscape elements. Building foundations and plumbing can even be threatened. When these things occur, Brinko Tree Service, LLC has the solution.

When the decision is made to take down a tree, we start by carefully planning the removal. We consider the safest and fastest options for removal. With proper planning, even large, difficult removals can be done safely and efficiently
Pruning / Trimming
In certain cases, your trees may become so big and dangerous that they threaten the safety of your home and your family. Brinko Tree Service LLC, can trim back your trees to prevent future catastrophe so that your trees can withstand high winds and major storms.
Stump Grinding
Another valuable service we offer is stump grinding. This time-saving service allows us to efficiently and effectively remove large stumps.
Topping and Shaping
If your tree is getting too big but you don't want to lose it, we can top and/or shape the tree to fit your liking.
Lot Clearing
We can clear your lot no matter the size.
Emergency Storm Damage Repairs
If you have damage from a storm call us ASAP! We know you don't have time to waste and may have a big problem on your hands... we can help!
Brush Chipper Available
We have a brush chipper available if your job requires one.
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